MOR & Co.

inspired strategy + design for life outdOORS

with Sarah Gallimore


I'm On A Mission...

to inspire an explosion of outdoor exploration and a monumental love for nature in our increasingly urban lives by empowering today's outdoor entrepreneurs, digital nomads, urban innovators and nature-based businesses with the clarity necessary to have epic impact on their fellow people and this shared planet through relevant strategy, impactful tools, meaningful experiences and well-designed content.


Connecting cities, businesses and their vibrant communities outside through:

  • Visioning facilitation and creative strategy for people, places + our planet

  • Identity development + communication design (physical + digital)

  • Targeted trend and ethnographic research within the outdoor recreation, urban nomads and travel landscapes

  • Blue-sky and white-space exploration for new business opportunities that move people outdoors

  • Experience design for outdoor industry events and urban activations





Work directly with me, Sarah Gallimore, owner and founder of MOR & Co. A lateral thinker, avid traveller, and "outsidesy" military spouse with nearly a decade's worth of work in experience design, creative strategy, brand development and clear communication – I'm a lover of climbing big rocks, walking meetings and the 3 P's (people, planet and profit).

Let's simplify + strengthen your business, services or experience so you can spend more time doing what you love and still have an enormous impact on your fellow humans and this beautiful planet!


Let's me help you with...


Vision Setting

Blue sky + white space exploration

experience design

identity design + cultural content


I've spent the past decade, working as a multipassionate designer and strategist for start-ups and Fortune 500 clients alike with teams across the globe in San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, Austin, London, Mumbai, Detroit and more. I've worked in almost every industry out there...

helping people frame problems and uncover solutions to tough questions that inspire action.

I'm a natural strategist and committed learner. I've been through one of the most innovative programs in the country with some of the brightest, future-focused minds around and earned a dual masters degree: an MBA in Design Strategy and an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design

Work with me and you get to skip right to the good stuff though! I’m passing my accumulated knowledge in strategy and design on to you - for a fraction of the cost to obtain it in even less time - focusing on an area close to my heart: women and entrepreneurs outdoors.



  • Figuring out where to start when it comes to innovative new services, benefits or products with a triple bottom line?

  • Identifying, finding, engaging with the right audience segment?

  • Building a loyal community around a new (or old) offering?

  • Developing or strengthening your Communication Strategy and Thought Leadership?

  • Developing partnerships with like-minded entities?

  • Creating stellar content that communicates both your aesthetic and ethics?

  • Differentiation across the industry?

  • Future scanning and overcoming mindset blocks preventing you from being truly innovative?

  • Synthesizing your existing research, reading between the lines for meaningful patterns and making it digestible?


a few nice words...

“Having worked with a number of strategists in my life, I cannot rave enough about how talented Sarah is and what an asset she was to our business...
“Sarah was an integral part of our team and brought a perspective and expertise that was unique and always thoughtful. We were in uncharted territory...

I'm here to be your second set of eyes, sounding board, researcher, connector and facilitator.

Together, we'll gain focus for your work outside of generalizations or "stereotypes" with my innate sense for individualization and ability to quickly understand what is special and distinct about each person, brand and offering.