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The Way Down

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On the Way Down: An Explanation


For the past decade I've had an interest in working within the outdoor industry or sector in some way. I was born barefoot and if it was socially acceptable I'd still run around town that way. My hubby says I have Jesus feet. As a child, I was fortunate enough to be taken on an insane amount of outdoor-focused vacations as a child, raised by a "boater" and have always found myself drawn to cities by the sea (or river or lake...).

My career interests started (officially) in grad school when I dove deep into how we, as millennials, navigate our urban spaces. I produced two tech/service concepts but put them "on the shelf" so to speak for several years until I grew frustrated with my role at a technology startup and decided to take some time off to try my hand at furthering my research.

That research quickly morphed into a retail concept - something that involved many of my favorite parts of design and strategy: creating a brand and identity, crafting a strong business model and a unique customer experience - but it also contained something I soon realized I did NOT want to continue doing - running a store.

Over the course of the year, we won several small grants, participated in pitch competitions, attended conferences and received quite a bit of local press and small business support from various entities around the city (all which I am extremely grateful for) but something just didn't feel right. After 3 more months of working my butt off on M/C as a retail concept, I made the tough decision to take a position with a large design firm in an attempt to provide myself with a little more of a financial cushion to further explore the venture. Unfortunately, in taking this position, my spare time quickly diminished and ultimately resulted in a bit of burn out. In May - it culminated in the need to take a step back from both for some serious self-care and to revisit what it was that my heart had been longing for from the beginning. Freedom.

“Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.”
― Kobi Yamada

While MOR & Co. still exists - it will be transitioning into the "mother" company if you will of several unique yet related initiatives that I think will better capture the spirit behind my initial intent. The Way Down (this blog) is the first that I'll be working on.

TWD will focus on my musings on life here in Detroit, my travels and outdoor exploration, the evolving green space and tactical urbanism conversation, and highlight additional research and ventures that stem out of the original MOR & Co. mission of inspiring more outdoor play and exploration in our increasingly urban lives.