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Entrepreneurs Outdoors: Andrew Deming of Yield


Here at MOR, we strongly believe that the work we create and experiences we lead only tell one part of the story. Everyday we're incredibly inspired by the individuals, the makers, the entrepreneurs, and the everyday adventurers – and wish to share their unique stories with the world beyond in every possible way that we can. The goal of our Entrepreneurs Outdoors series is to introduce our tribe to the greater community and the people behind the brands and initiatives we love.

This week we caught up with our friend Andrew Deming at YIELD. My first introduction while I was living in San Francisco to this design duo (and a duo in real life!) was through their very first product - The YIELD Picnic Bag + Blanket. While it's no longer in production - it was one of the first products that helped guide me towards my mission of using design to help inspire more time outdoors in our increasingly urban lives. A few years later, an early version of MOR & Co. ended up selling their Leather & Steel Cup Set during many of our pop-up events - a great addition to our go-kit for the Jeep! 

Andrew and Rachel are both graduates of my alma mater as well and have always been generous with their time and energy! Every venture they undertake is a marriage of technology and hand craft – respecting the past, yielding to the present and looking forward to the future. It's my absolute pleasure to introduce you. 

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What city do you live in Andrew? What keeps you there?
St. Augustine, FL. We have a tight knit and wonderfully supportive group of friends here and as our team grows, we feel that our roots are getting deeper in the South. We’ve also started renovating a house--that’s enough to keep us occupied here for a while.

San Francisco to the deep South - Where do you go to find inspiration for your work now?
When at home I head to the beach or out for a long walk downtown through St. Augustine’s historic neighborhoods. I’ll walk for hours if I can spare the time and find that there’s no better space for getting ideas or organizing thoughts.

In general, Rachel and I aim to travel as frequently as we can. We find it’s necessary for us to get out of our own world, gather visual inspiration and outside cultural influences.

What's your favorite reason to get outdoors and where do you go?
I am constantly drawn to the water. I’ve never lived far from it and during my years living in San Francisco I was both awed by Northern California’s stunning beaches and continually frustrated by how unfriendly they are to casual swimmers. Now that Florida is home, the beach is a major part of life again.

What’s one place or activity on your outdoor bucket list?
I plan to get a boat that we can take along the coast. It’s a dream of mine to be able to travel to islands down south and be able to explore on our own terms. 

YIELD is an independent design house: part industrial design studio, design label and manufacturer. YIELD designs and manufactures a range of housewares, bags, and jewelry home with an aim to pair American craft and ingenuity with an eye toward the future. YIELD’s products are sold in retailers throughout the U.S. and abroad and have been featured in numerous publications such as the New York Times, Dwell, Sunset, SF Chronicle and more.

Established in late 2012, YIELD is now based in the historic coastal town of Saint Augustine, FL, the oldest European settlement in the U.S. with a small-but-growing team and their loyal shop dog - Clover.


An excerpt from the YIELD Manifesto –

There is no need for compromise.
Beauty, sustainability and ethical production are not at odds–they must all be considered to create something of true worth. Anything created at someone else’s expense is not beautiful and the manufacturing of disposable goods for short term benefit has robbed our natural resources for too long. We bear a responsibility to create timeless pieces that last. Buy for keeps or please do not buy at all. 



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