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A Natural History of the Senses: Reading on the Road


While traveling often requires limiting your load, I seem to always have a few books in tow. I was recently invited by my friends over at Hipcamp (the best way to discover and book your next camping trip!) to write a review on one of my favorite outdoor reads - A Natural History of the Senses - by Diane Ackerman.

New York Times best-selling poet, author and naturalist, Diane Ackerman hails from the neighboring state of Illinois and you may know of her through her most recent book-to-movie success: A Zookeeper's Wife.

A Natural History of the Senses however has been a mainstay in my personal collection for several years now and was transformational in regards to the way I look at experience design. 

"Diane Ackerman, the author behind this adventurous read, is a true sensuist. Her spirited, holistic, and emotive approach to the most basic of subjects – how we sense the world around us – instills a new appreciation for what you’ll see, smell, taste and hear on your next adventure (or maybe even tomorrow at the office!)."

Click on through to Hipcamp's Journal entry for the full review!

  Malibu Creek Campground by Hipcamper by Duke Schillaci

Malibu Creek Campground by Hipcamper by Duke Schillaci

"A Natural History of the Senses speaks of a greater mindfulness or awareness of our physical experiences that we often suppress and encourages us to think about how our 5 core senses have evolved, how we might extend them beyond their perceived limits and what they can teach us about the enormous and diverse planet that we inhabit."


While their Instagram giveaway is over now, I'd still love to know:

Of the senses explored within this book, scent is perhaps the most intriguing to me as an experiential designer and strategist - full of untapped potential and yet often the most difficult to recreate. Of your past adventures, big or small, what scent-influenced memory sits strongest in your mind?

Leave your answers in the comments below and consider picking up a copy for yourself!

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