MOR & Co.

Truth. Generosity. Courage.

My Core Tenants


Truth. Generosity. Courage. These are my non-negotiables - my guiding tenants in the work I do. My mantra: Let’s take the leap and we’ll build your wings on the way down. 

I hope that through my work I can nurture a greater, global love and appreciation for nature and inspire more time spent outside in our increasingly urban lives.

I seek simplicity on the other side of complexity - navigating the ambiguity in your individual challenges through the understanding of perception, reason, emotion, resonance and ideology.




She matters

"Customers", "audience", "employees", "partners", and "users". She is a person first with a life outside your program, brand, service and business. Authenticity attracts and quality speaks for itself. Help her love and embrace herself and in turn she will love and embrace you.


Courage sustains

Sometimes you have to grab her by the hand and show her a better way but sometimes you have to practice radical humility. Whether she is already scaling her mountains or needs your help finding the fire within - walk courageously towards the future you wish to see with curiosity, grace and wit.



There's strength and sustenance in placing community and the bigger vision before competition. Generosity returns ten fold and we consider ourselves global citizens.


aesthetics + ethics. always.

Whether digital, physical or somewhere in between – we practice principled craftsmanship in all that we do. 


You can totally rewrite the story once you know the alphabet

Truth wins and transparency frees but we need to first walk a mile (or 100) in her shoes before we can help her find a better path forward. We do our research - qualitative and quantitative - and it's often the difference between "moving the needle" and being truly impactful.


Things I despise - selfishness, pettiness, laziness, deceit, apathy, and wastefulness.
I expect the same things from our work and working relationships that I expect from my fellow humans outside the "office".