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Crave, a small San Francisco-based startup specializing in making discreet and beautifully designed luxury sex toys was seeking assistance with brand development, visual design and marketing.


The historical stigma around the sex toy category has largely kept thoughtful design and funding away. This created an enormous disconnect between what the market appears to want, and what is generally available. With society now moving past those roadblocks, the co-founders of Crave wanted to create quality products that feel worthy of a woman's most intimate moments and products that are easy to live with and use without shame.

How might we introduce Crave to the world outside of the typical sex stores and speak plainly to women in a way that empowers them and their numerous desires?

Process Overview

Scope: None defined (I wore many hats!)

Role: Freelance Designer and Strategist

Over the course of five months, I worked closely with the co-founders to:

  • Conduct new ethnographic research and sift through existing research with their female customers and target audience
  • Synthesize our findings into rich persona's based on psychographic profiles, core principles and further developments to the visual identity and language
  • Develop a brand book and set of visual design guidelines
  • Produce several short videos showcasing the technical prowess of the product
  • Manage the Crave blog, emails, social media communities and content
  • Create memorable moments for new customers through gift design/creation, workshops and product display experiences.
  • Create additional design content as needed for packaging, collateral, events, etc. 


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