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CreativeMornings Detroit



How might we restart the CreativeMornings Detroit chapter after nearly a year of being offline and the loss of corporate sponsorship with a renewed spirit and celebration of diversity?


Plan and execute an intimate, monthly, morning talk for the creative community. CM offers an opportunity to connect what’s going on in your city with the broader creative world and join a network of talented volunteer organizers that spans six continents. CM Detroit will focus on broadening the definition of "creativity" with every talk, seeking out unique speakers and venues that reflect our diverse population. Channel focus: Email list and Facebook

Role: Local Organizer (Communication and Planning) - 1 of 2 original organizers remaining 

Timeframe: 1 event per month (roughly 4-6 weeks to plan each one)

Process overview

Each month I am responsible for:

  • Keeping team on task for communication of monthly event to our network
  • Social media strategy, content creation and scheduling
  • Sponsorship promotion and key breakfast vendor relationships
  • Connecting with speakers/sponsors before each event to collect key information for promotion
  • Publishing blog posts featuring speakers or key events
  • Capturing media during each event to share in real-time with our community online
  • Keeping team on task for sharing our talk deliverables with larger CM community
  • Communicating media needs to our photography/videography volunteers

Each month I assist the core CM team with:

  • Securing a venue (visiting potential sites, evaluating setup, identifying potential dates)
  • Identifying new and diverse speakers that relate to the global themes 
  • Finding relevant sponsors to help cover breakfast and other event costs
  • Designing additional "ice breaker" activities and any necessary collateral for event experience
  • Core operational tasks such as setup/breakdown, guest check-in, vendor communications, supply runs
  • Networking with local creative community to increase awareness and generate additional connections for venue/speaker/sponsors
  • Overseeing volunteers day-of


  • 2x growth in our overall CM community since restarting the series in September 2015 (including 60% increase on Facebook)
  • 17 unique venue relationships established
  • Growing volunteer list and operational procedures being established for greater efficiency
  • Small stipend secured for breakfast budget and videography
  • Participated in inspirational, biannual CM organizer retreat in Austin, TX with founder, Tina Roth-Eisenberg, in late 2016
  • 20+ Detroit creatives featured as speakers (more than 50% women) from a broad range of disciplines including perfumery, spoken word, civic innovation, and more!



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