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Digging Into Denim



Tellason Jeans was looking to better understand the current market needs/gaps surrounding the high end, denim jean category for men.


What should our core strategy be to maintain our competitive advantage as a small-batch, premium denim brand?


  • Identify a clear brand story that will help them still be here in 10 years
  • Identify new markets Tellason might enter in the future
  • Uncover current and potential experiences within the denim jean category
  • Identify opportunities for Tellason to distinguish themselves from competitors

Process Overview

  • Design and execute a research plan including:
    • 24 Street Intercepts  (targeted locations, 5-15 minutes each, even split of men/women, aged 18+) 
    • 4 Expert Interviews  (30-60 minutes each)
    • 4 "Secret Shopper" expeditions (to competitors in San Francisco)
    • Survey of trend reports and publications on denim industry and Tellason + competitors
  • Uncovered four core psychographic segments and four key experiential needs within the category
  • Cross-referenced primary research, current industry trends, a competitor analysis and internal capabilities to identify the most relevant opportunities as well as two additional insights around the female shopping experience (a new market for them)


summary of high-level findings


The above project and presentation was completed 'pro bono' for Tellason within my MBA Design Strategy coursework at the California College of the Arts alongside Isaac Buwembo, Pablo Prieto, Mariana Quiroga, and Brian Schmierer.