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"Having worked with a number of strategists in my life, I cannot rave enough about how talented Sarah is and what an asset she was to our business. Sarah came in on day one and quickly got to work to help build stronger solutions with our CUSTOMER in mind. Sarah's design work, her focus on user engagement and experience, and her keen ability to engage internal stakeholders truly makes her one of the finest strategic minds I have had the pleasure to work with. I certainly hope our paths cross again in the future!”  MARK EATON, VP OF CUSTOMER SUCCESS

Sarah offers the full stack of design skills -- the proverbial unicorn so many companies need in this dynamic and complex marketplace. — LESLIE CAROL ROBERTS, POLAR EXPLORER + PROFESSOR + WRITER

"Words don't describe how grand of a specialist and person Sarah is, but some that come to mind: diligent, organized, personable, collected, skilled, passionate, and talented (just to name a few). For design strategy, experiential design and everything creative truly no one is better."  JAY KAPADIA, CREATIVE DIRECTOR

"Sarah was a tremendous asset in helping our startup on so many levels. She is a solid designer, creative thinker/problem solver, and super intelligent - if she didn't understand something, she could figure it out. I definitely recommend Sarah and would love to work with her again!" — TI CHANG, PRODUCT ENTREPRENEUR

"Sarah is a hardworking professional who possesses a keen quick-wit and poised intelligence. Her passionate and driven personality is complemented by her enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit. Multitalented and confident, Sarah has the creative skill set and integrity to be successful in many roles. She is grounded in honesty and respect for others with the potential to be an admired leader. Sarah is one of my favorite people to work with and has my positive recommendation.” — LAURA DETKE, DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS

"Sarah was an integral part of our team and brought a perspective and expertise that was unique and always thoughtful. We were in uncharted territory, tackling a new type of project and she was patient, understanding and flexible with the inevitable back-and-forth and direction changes that come with exploring new ground. She brought great ideas to the table every day, worked hard, and made the team fun - you can't ask for better!"  JESSICA CLEMENT VON ROHR, CREATIVE DIRECTOR + WRITER

"Sarah and I have collaborated on several occasions and she is an exceptionally multi-faceted individual. She is a divergent thinker, able to brainstorm a superabundance of options, variations, and apropos approaches. Her work ethic combined with her organizational and interpersonal skills make her a consistent and reliable team member even when the stress and pressure are at their highest!" — LISA WOODS, ENTREPRENEUR + CREATIVE DIRECTOR

"Her work displays a compelling blend of discipline and experiment, research and imagination. Sarah herself is a pleasure to work with: personable, conscientious, and always receptive to suggestions." — BARRY KATZ, RESEARCH SCHOLAR + PROFESSOR + CONSULTANT

"Sarah is a creative thinker and a hard worker. She brought a fresh vision and unique perspective. Part of the dynamic of our company is collaboration and teamwork and she fit in well. Not only did Sarah come in and wow us with her creativity, she displayed an excellent work ethic and positive attitude, making her a pleasure to work with and a valuable asset to our team. I would easily recommend Sarah - she consistently achieved great results and delivered on all expectations. — SUSAN POTTER, SENIOR MARKETING ASSOCIATE

"Sarah can understand and take over responsibility for complex tasks with ease. I was impressed by her design intuition, business sense, and work ethic. She's also very reliable and fun to work with!" — ALVIN CHANG, ENGINEER

"I had the opportunity to work with Sarah on a number of marketing efforts; proposals, graphics, etc. Her skills as a designer (graphic and otherwise), attention to detail and time management abilities are all admirable. I would welcome the chance to work with Sarah again in the future." — DUSTIN DEVILLE, MARKETING COORDINATOR

"Sarah is a very talented strategist who always has the user's best interests in mind. Her approach to design is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, and I learned a lot during our time working together. I feel Sarah is a natural entrepreneur and know she will succeed in whatever endeavors she decides to pursue given her strong work ethic and personable nature." — ANDREA KINNEY, DIGITAL PROJECT MANAGER


The above testimonials were originally posted to my linkedin profile.