MOR & Co.

LET'S inspire more time outside

in our increasingly urban lives.


Let's dig in together.

If meaning is the new money, then depth is king. Whether your passion and purpose revolves around social meetups in cities, wilderness exploration, basic skill-building, or simply sitting in the stillness – we're here to help you build maximum, sustainable impact within your community and beyond. 



Identify the future you wish to create and chart the course to get there. A strong vision helps you see the forest through the trees and clearly communicate the core elements of your business - it's purpose, mission, objectives, strategies and tactics. 

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Guidance and facilitation of critical conversation, customized research efforts and exploratory workshops to help generate new ideas and innovative offerings that will truly move people. 

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experience Design 

Map your thoughtful, connected system of products, services and experiences to create your competitive advantage and convert your Vision, Identity, Culture and Offer into customer value. 

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identity development + Cultural content 

Craft a rich, authentic identity comprised of both symbols and artifacts that express your company's vision - it's voice, visual presentation, personality and character. 

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Invest in yourself and your business

Hourly work for content creation and basic research tasks starts at $00/hour - rate increases with project complexity.